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Arabian Greyhound (Sloughi) - Dog Breed

The Sloughi was developed on the territory of the North Africa, which today envelopes Morocco, Libya, Tunisia and Algeria. The first written records of this dog appeared in the works of Moroccan...

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Sloughi - Top 10 Interesting Facts

Top ten interesting facts about dog breed Sloughi. 2 DOLLARS CAN CHANGE DOG LIVES: https://patreon.com/rocadog SUBSCRIBE HERE : https://goo.gl/hjB6rk Web - http://www.rocadog.com/ Facebook...

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Eine besondere Hunderasse im Mittelpunkt einer Dokumentation ohne Einfluss von Musik oder Interviews! Allein die Bilder sollen dem Zuschauer eine Meinung vermitteln! Video: directed by Kim...

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CRUFTS 2017 Sloughi Female & BOB decision


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Lévriers Sloughi en Course de Poursuite à Vue sur Leurre....

Les lévriers sont en compétition par deux sur un parcours pouvant varier de 600 à plus de 1000 mètres, qui simule une chasse de gibiers. Le juge note les qualités de l'animal afin de détermin...

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Sloughi Lilo ohne Nerven

Ein Wüstenhund auf der Couch. Lilo (Djamila Labibah Sabiih al Sahra). https://www.facebook.com/pages/Team-Sabiih-al-Sahra/397876053684404?ref=hl Sloughi-Zucht: www.sloughi-zucht.de Musik:...

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Sloughi puppies 7 weeks old #2

Sadun pennut. www.elegantin.net.

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Crufts 2017 | Best of Breed winner Lisa Smith and sloughi Gus

Best of Breed winner Lisa Smith and sloughi Gus. Catch all the action from Crufts 2017 by following the live stream at youtube.com/crufts.

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Race The Wind 3 - Sloughi Beach 1 • Arabian Greyhound Galgo سباق الكلاب السلوقية صحم Windhund Chasse

Race The Wind 3 - Sloughi Beach 1 • Arabian Greyhound Galgo سباق الكلاب السلوقية صحم Windhund Chasse Jagd Dog complete Playlist on YouTube: https://www.youtube.co/playlist?li...

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Sloughi 3 Babenhausen 16 11 2013


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RACE THE WIND 33 - Le Prince des Sloughis (Français) • Lévrier Arabe Greyhound Lebrel Galgo Chasse

RACE THE WIND 33 # Le Prince des Sloughis (Français) Lévrier Arabe Arabian Greyhound Galgo Saluki Hunting Sloughi / Slougui Région d'origine: Drapeau de l'Algérie Algérie, Drapeau de...

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CRUFTS 2017 Sloughi Males Part 1


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Race The Wind 39 - Sloughi Dog Show (Lorch/Gemany) • Greyhound Galgo Windhund Saluki Arab Orient

Race The Wind 39 │Sloughi Jahresausstellung Lorch • Windhund Greyhound Saluki Arabisches Pferd https://www.youtube.co/playlist?list=PLB6Vf5kunVq9t1CuElvIOFFEn_HlVeGBX EPOS IMAGES 4K UltraHD...

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La passion du sloughi

Chien de race Sloughi Le Sloughi est un chien de grande taille, a poil ras et fin. Origines et histoire Il est présent depuis des millénaires en Afrique du Nord. Il est considéré par les...

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RACE THE WIND Persian & Arabian Sighthound • Saluki Sloughi Desert Hunting Dog Galgo Greyhound


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The Grey. The Sloughi. And The Deerhound - Susys K9 Care

Greyhound Bella has one of her typical playdates on a very hot day. She doesn't like very hot days! *Music by Sir Charlie London (PMG Music) **Shot with a 30MM prime at 96FPS.

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Sloughi puppies 7 weeks old

Sadun pennut. www.elegantin.net.

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Sloughi caméléon


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شاهد سباقات أسرع كلب في العالم ( كلب السلوقي ) \

1]السلوقي هو فصيلة من كلاب الصيد, موطنه الأصلي المملكة المغربية كما هو مدرج و معترف به من قبل المنظمة الدولية...

finds a user on Oct 29, 2017
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Sloughi puppies 34 days old

Sloughi pentuja. Sadun pennut 34pv. www.elegantin.net.

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السلوقي الجزائري صياد الذئب - Le chien Sloughi chasseur de loup algérien \u202c

السلوقي الصياد الجزائري من أندر السلالات و أغلاها في العالم Le chien Sloughi algérien Lévrier berbère Le sloughi, ou lévrier...

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Sloughi - Crufts 2007

Young sloughis in the breed display at Crufts. These dogs were not shown, but are related to the dog that got 4th in the Hound group.

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CH-Meisterschaft 17.06.12: Finallauf 36. Sloughi Gemischt 480m

Schweizer Meisterschaft 17.06.12 Finale, Kleindöttingen.

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Sloughi Hunting Dogs in Abu Dhabi Hunting and equestrian exhibition 2016


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SLOUGHI / / السلوقي / / ⵓⵚⴽⴰⵢ

Pour voir la vidéo complète : http://bit.ly/29Nq5jT Like on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/marocopedia Follow on Twitter: https://twitter.com/marocopedia Follow on Google : https://goo.gl/iF...

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RACE THE WIND 26 - Greyhound Track (Lorch/Germany) • Afghan Borzoi Agar Sloughi Saluki Galgo

RACE THE WIND 26 # Greyhound Track (Lorch / Germany) Sighthound Lurcher Longdog Windhund-Rennverein Staufen e.V. Lorch http://www.wrv-staufen.de/ueberuns.html http://www.wrv-staufen.de RACE...

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Lure Coursing - Sloughi 09Apr10

Sloughi lure coursing in Riverside, CA.

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Race The Wind 4 - Sloughi Beach 2 • Arabian Greyhound Galgo Dog Windhund Hunt Chasse Jagd

RACE THE WIND 4 # Sloughi Beach 2 - Egmond aan Zee / The Netherlands https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLB6Vf5kunVq9t1CuElvIOFFEn_HlVeGBX RACE the WIND # non profit DOG SPORT & SIGHTHOUND...

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Sloughi Dog breed

Sloughi Dog breed.

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Sloughi 23' - Promotional Video


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Sloughis sur une musique de Matthieu Saglio.dv


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Pfingst-Coursing Aarau 20.05.13: Lauf 73. Sloughi

Vekil Schuru-esch-Schams (r) Wahfah Bersheba's (w)

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Windspiel vs. Sloughi :-)


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Sloughi - Video Learning - WizScience.com

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